We have already talked about the basic plugins I use on Vim, now let’s talk code!

First I remap the leader key to , , the leader key changes the meaning of every other key, with that you can add more shortcuts to your répertoire.

Then, I use this shortcut to remove evil trailing spaces:

I haven’t found a practical way to use search highlighting without getting annoyed 1 second after. That’s because when you search for something…

Vim’s initial screen
Vim’s initial screen

If you came here hoping I will convince you to use Vim, I won’t — or at least I’m not trying to. There are plenty of preachers out there, and you can easily find them. To be honest, I’m here because of them.

I’m hoping I can help those already determined to use Vim to find an easy way of configuring and installing basic plugins, just to make it better (if possible).


Make sure you have Vim installed and ready to go. If you use linux, you can do this to make sure it’s correctly installed:

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